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About Us We are team of enterprise IT architects with 15+ years of experience in providing Disaster Recovery solutions, and are driven by the desire to make a positive impact on the lives of people using the blockchain technology and Proof of Stake driven decentralised network, while supporting various social development cause. Since, we completed our Bachelors in Computer Science and working in the IT industry more than ten years, we understand the Blockchain technology, Cryptocurrency, Decentralised Finance and Cardano's underlying platform and mission. Kindly check our blog for articles we wrote related to Cardano and blockchain technology.

“Cardano restores trust to global systems – creating, through science, a more secure, transparent, and sustainable foundation for individuals to transact and exchange, systems to govern, and enterprises to grow. Our World Is Changing. Together, We Can Change It For The Better” – Cardano.org



Our Mission Cardano is a proof-of-stake blockchain platform: the first to be founded on peer-reviewed research and developed through evidence-based methods. We encourage people across the world to support Cardano and blockchain technology by delegating their ADA to small and medium pools, to earn ADA rewards and in turn support the PoS decentralised network infrastructure. Our stake pool ``CWSP`` mission is committed to keep infrastructure energy costs down, which helps the planet and helps us as operator to keep staking fees to the minimum. With your assistance, ``CWSP`` is also committed to help Cardano on their mission to bring financial equality across the world, to donate percentage of our pool rewards and margin fees end of every month to charity organisations who are focused on saving and building a better world for children.

We pledge to donate at least once a month towards various charity organisations dedicated to children’s welfare.  Charity begins at home, hence , we will donate to one children’s charity organisation in Australia and one international.

* Starlight Children’s Foundation – Brightening the lives of sick kids  Link

* Save The ChildrenWorld renowned African Charity, Building a better world for & with the children. Link


We have created a dedicated page named,  Donation Receipts” to share donation receipts on monthly basis.

CWSP Stake Pool Infrastructure Registered on 13th April 2021

Ticker: CWSP Pool ID: pool1p7gc68784lys27hc5yk25zmez208ykpx8y2hrr5qmz9aspdyrky

Cloud Infrastructure

Hosted in MS Azure Cloud multi-region datacenters, our mainnet pool offer resilient setup with complete security, scalability, redundancy and reliability.

Hosted in Google Cloud Platform, our testnet pool is used to test every changes and upgrades before implementing into mainnet environment.

Cyber Security

We have Advanced AI based Next-gen cybersecurity protection on core server. Vulnerability assessments, data anomaly detection, patch management, antivirus, ransomware and malware detection.

Backup Infrastructure

We have scheduled nightly backup of full system of Block and Relay servers, with hourly backups running for database. Backup Data are stored in seperate datacenter. Orchestrated recovery is configured to recover the mainnet instances. We have RPO of 1hr and RTO of 1 hr.

Pool Fixed Fee and Margin

We started our pool with minimum pledge of 15000 ADA and pushed to 25000 ADA. We have a fixed cost of 340 ADA, from which we donate to charity. Our pool margin is set to reasonable 0.5%.

Security Hardening

Our servers access are protected with secure SSH keys & 2FA Authentication. We also access the mainnet environment using cyber protected, 2FA protected Macbooks. Security hardening are done at Ubuntu Layer, Firewall Ports and Networking layers. All our systems are also protected using Acronis Cyber Protect.

Cardano Topology

We have 1 Block server in Australia East Region, 1 Relay Server in Australia East Region, 1 Relay server in South East Asia Region. Two air-gapped redundant system with 4 backup copies of secure data stored in two vault location.
Acronis dashboard
Acronis Backup & Recovery Dashboard

Cardano Stake Pools WHY TO JOIN US

Delegate your ADA to CWSP stake pool

Cardano cryptocurrency uses a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) for its consensus mechanism. We are responsible for maintaining one of the growing number of Cardano stake pools that ensures its security, reliability and decentralised infrastructure growth. 

Your delegation to our CWSP stake pool will help us achieve new blocks, which in return generates rewards for all delegators. The rewards are automatically distributed to all delegators by ADA’s algorithm .

10% of rewards from stake pool owner’s share will be donated to one of the three charitable institutions. 

Want to learn more about stake pools? Check Cardano staking.

How to Stake your ADA

High Level Steps

Ticker: CWSP
Pool ID: pool1p7gc68784lys27hc5yk25zmez208ykpx8y2hrr5qmz9aspdyrky
CWSP pool details on Adapools.org and Pooltool.io

Step 1. Download any one of the Cardano supported wallet.

• Daedalus Wallet
• Yoroi-wallet

Step 2. Open the delegation section of the wallet.
Step 3. Search for the CWSP pool using the Ticker or the Pool ID.
Step 4. Click on the delegate button and follow the steps.

Detail Steps can be found at the below links for each wallet.